CO2 performance ladder

Herbosch-Kiere reached level 4 of the CO2 performance ladder.

The CO2 Performance Ladder is a CO2 management system that consists of 5 levels. Up till level 3, an organization that obtains a certificate on the ladder reduces its own carbon emissions within the organization and all its projects. From level 4 and 5, the organization also aims to reduce CO2 emissions from the business chain and sector. An organization that is certified on a certain level (and all previous levels) adheres to the requirements of the CO2 Performance Ladder. These requirements are based on four angles, namely:

  1. Insight: To determine different streams of energy and the carbon footprint of the organization.
  2. Reduction: To develop ambitious goals for the reduction of CO2 emissions.
  3. Transparency: To structurally communicate about organization policies of CO2 reduction.
  4. Participation: To take part of business sector initiatives with regards to the reduction of carbon emissions.

Each organization certified on the ladder will be subject to annual audits performed by independent and accredited Certifying Institutions (CI). Through these audits, a certified organization ensures the implementation of the CO2 Performance Ladder in its management and projects. Furthermore, the certified organizations will be evaluated annually for their ambitions and initiatives to reduce carbon emissions, and continuous improvement. The Ladder encourages certified organizations to remain ambitious in their efforts to reduce carbon.

Herbosch-Kiere recently reached level 4 of this Performance Ladder and aims to obtain a certificate for the highest level.