Construction overflow dike in Hamme

Herbosch-Kiere is fully engaged in the construction of an overflow dike in Hamme. The works frame within the 3rd phase in the construction of the flood areas ‘Wal’ and ‘Zwijn’. These will be set up as controlled flood areas with controlled reduced tides. Via an inlet sluice, each of these areas will receive a volume of water each tide, creating estuarine nature.

In this third phase of works, we are constructing a 1.8-km-long overflow dike, re-profiling an additional 400 metres of dike that will not serve as an overflow dike and constructing a 5-km-long towpath for pedestrians and cyclists.

Construction is progressing well and we expect the work to be completed by summer 2025. Currently, our efforts are focused on carrying out extensive earthworks, in collaboration with Wulteputte Boudewijn BV, and installing Gosa.

Have you noticed the solar panels on the side of the site? These are actually mosquito traps to catch knitting, a species of mosquito that lives along the Scheldt. The Flemish Waterway installed these traps to reduce nuisance and make the environment more pleasant for local residents.

This project is part of De Vlaamse Waterweg’s wider Sigmaplan, which aims to better protect Flanders from flooding of the Scheldt and its tributaries while strengthening the valuable river ecosystem.