New quay wall in Harelbeke officially opened

The new quay wall along the Bossuit-Kortrijk canal in Harelbeke has been officially commissioned. Previously, there was a small 120-metre quay wall, which was only used by one company. Now the quay has been reinforced and extended to 270 metres, allowing all companies in the area to use it.

De Vlaamse Waterweg aims to encourage companies to transport their goods by water more frequently. A well-equipped loading and unloading station is crucial for this, and now this is achievable with the renovated quay wall.

Previously, only the company Devagro utilized the existing quay wall. To make it accessible for all companies in the area, a plan was devised to renovate and extend the outdated wall from 120 to 270 meters. A reservation system has been implemented, requiring a small fee for mooring. The goal is to maximize the use of the quay wall.

The total cost of the project is €2.5 million.

Photo: De Vlaamse Waterweg