Dike works Wichelen

Herbosch-Kiere reinforced the dike along the Scheldt riverbank in Wichelen to prevent further erosion of the bank. Additionally, we raised the water defenses. Along with the construction of a new pumping station on the Bosbeek, these measures are intended to prevent water-related issues in the surrounding area. Finally, a towpath was added to the dike, and the open space underwent a makeover.

These stabilization works were part of the Sigmaplan, an initiative by the Flemish government aimed at better protecting Flanders from flooding. As a tidal river, the Scheldt can experience dangerously high water levels during extreme weather conditions, potentially leading to flooding.

To counteract the gradual erosion of the Scheldt riverbank in Wichelen, we reinforced the slope of the bank. Steel sheet piles were driven into the bank to create a robust wall, with ground anchors for added stability. The river-facing slope was then covered with riprap.

Dredging works were also carried out on the left bank. The dredged material was moved to the deeper zone on the right side of the navigation channel, and it was then covered with mattresses made of stone. These mattresses, measuring 20 meters by 30 meters, were subsequently filled with riprap.

The works primarily included the following:

  • Stabilizing the current Scheldt riverbank over a length of 1880 meters.
  • Ensuring the water defenses at Sigmaplan level 8.00 meters TAW (Tweede Algemene Waterpassing, a reference level used in Belgium).
  • Qualitatively redesigning the public space along the water defenses at the location of the social house in Wichelen.
  • Building a pumping station and a new drainage lock on the Bosbeek, including the provision of the electromechanical equipment.

View a video of the works here. 

  • Project name

    Stabilization works on the Scheldt riverbank
  • Location

  • Developer

    De Vlaamse Waterweg nv
  • Building period

    2020 - 2023
  • Total value

    +/- 8,8 M €