Hamme Overflow Dike

These works are part of the 3rd phase in the construction of the flood zones “Wal” and “Zwijn.” These areas are being developed as controlled flood zones with a controlled reduced tide. Each of these areas receives a volume of water with each tide through a water inlet lock, creating an estuarine nature. The third phase includes the construction of a 1.8 km long overflow dike, the re-profiling of 400 meters of additional dike that will not serve as an overflow dike, and the creation of a 5 km long towpath for pedestrians and cyclists.

This project is part of the Sigma Plan by De Vlaamse Waterweg nv, which aims to better protect Flanders from flooding of the Scheldt and its tributaries while enhancing the valuable riverine ecosystem.

  • Project name

    Hamme Overflow Dike
  • Location

  • Building period

    2024 - ...
  • Total value

    +/- 3.1M€
  • Developer

    De Vlaamse Waterweg