Salvage of the Hermon

This contract consisted of salvaging two wrecks at the mouth of the Seine.

Off the coast of Honfleur (France) at the mouth of the Seine, Herbosch-Kiere salvaged two shipwrecks: the Hermon, a coaster sunk in 1896 and a pontoon. For this assignment, we used ATLANTIS, with a huge scrap cutter, and the American 11320 Hoist. The wrecks were cut into pieces using the scrap cutter and removed using the cable crane. A total of 400 tons of steel were removed. The wrecks needed to be removed in order to make the waterway deeper and wider.

  • Project name

    Salvage Hermon
  • Location

    Honfleur, France
  • Building period

  • Project name

    Grand Port Maritime Rouen