Herbosch-Kiere and Enshore Subsea sign contract in Senegal

Eiffage and Enshore Subsea sign in consortium a €192 million contract for the installation of undersea power cables in Dakar, Senegal.

Eiffage, through Herbosch-Kiere (Eiffage Benelux subsidiary) in a 50/50 joint venture with Enshore Subsea (a leading UK based subsea engineering company), has signed an EPCI contract with MCA-Sénégal II for the design, manufacture and installation of undersea electrical cables in Dakar, Senegal.

With a total value of $205 million (€192 million), the project addresses the need to improve high-voltage electrical network infrastructure in Dakar and the surrounding area. It is one of several projects developed through the Senegal Power Compact programme (an investment grant agreement between Senegal and the United States), which aims to generate inclusive economic growth and reduce poverty in Senegal. MCA-Sénégal II is the national public-sector organisation tasked with managing the programme.

Herbosch-Kiere and Enshore Subsea will install two 225 kV power cables offshore, each 16 kilometres long, plus six two-kilometre 225 kV cables onshore, linking the Bay of Dakar’s west coast (Rive Bel Air) and east coast (Cap des Biches). The offshore work will commence in October 2023 and is scheduled for completion by the end of 2025.

The project requires the mobilization of the two companies for the excavation of trenches, in which high-density polyethylene conduits will be laid. Once the cables are installed, the trenches will be backfilled, burying the cables for their protection. Two ships will be used in the works: the barge Gaverland and the self-propelled multipurpose vessel Atlantis.

At the same time, Eiffage Sénégal will be responsible for the onshore civil engineering works near Rive Bel Air, while Eiffage Énergie Systèmes will be installing the onshore cables.

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About Eiffage

Eiffage is one of Europe’s leading construction and concessions companies. The Group’s activities are organised around the following business lines: construction, real estate and urban development, civil engineering, metal, roads, energy and concessions. Thanks to the experience of more than 76,300 employees, Eiffage generated revenue of €20.3 billion in 2022, of which 30% was outside France.

About Herbosch-Kiere

For over 100 years, Herbosch-Kiere has specialised in port, river and marine works. Its workshop located in the Port of Antwerp is the ideal operational base for projects all over the world. Herbosch-Kiere permanently invests in specialist equipment such as ships, jack-up platforms, and both floating and non-floating equipment.

In addition, the professional skill, dynamism and creativity of its staff ensures that Herbosch-Kiere is able to handle complex and prestigious challenges. Over the years, Herbosch-Kiere has expanded its activities to include environmental works, the construction and operation of landfills, and soil remediation.

About Enshore Subsea

Enshore Subsea is a world leading cable installation, engineering and project management specialist, dedicated to driving advancements in the renewable energy sector and delivering sustainable, innovative projects worldwide. With a profound commitment to safety, quality, and environmental responsibility, Enshore Subsea leverages cutting-edge technologies and expertise to lead each step of every project undertaken.



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