About us

We have been building the infrastructure of today and tomorrow for more than a century. In, on or near to water. We maintain waterways, carry out offshore energy projects, salvage ships, construct foundations and remediate contaminated land. Over the years, we have succeeded in taking on challenging and impressive projects, growing into a trusted player within the construction sector and joining the Eiffage Group, one of the largest construction groups in Europe.

We are proud of our people. Every day, they strive to provide safe, innovative and economical solutions for our customers and work hard so that every project can be carried out flawlessly.

Our strengths

  • More than 100 years of experience

  • In-house design expertise

  • Own equipment

  • Quay and depot at the port of Antwerp

  • 300 driven employees

  • Turnover of 115 million euros

The group

The strength of a large group

In addition to its head office at the port of Antwerp, Herbosch-Kiere also has an office in London. From there, we can easily carry out assignments throughout the UK.

Together we are part of Eiffage Benelux which has 2,000 employees across 14 construction companies and an annual turnover of approximately 645 million euros.

Eiffage Benelux in turn is part of the Eiffage Group, within the Eiffage Construction branch, one of the four entities within the Eiffage Group along with Eiffage Infrastructures, Eiffage Énergie Systèmes and Eiffage Concessions.

The Eiffage Group, with its head office in France, has 70,000 employees in more than 50 countries.

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Our partners

Together with our partners Scaldis Marine Contractors and CTOW, we can fulfil a range of diverse and prestigious assignments within the maritime sector. With the same goal in mind each time: to deliver high-quality projects safely.

We recycle construction and demolition waste with our partner ARC.
ARC can take care of the disposal of container, construction and demolition waste.

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Our vision and values

How we
make a difference

“Making the difference” is more than a slogan, it is the signature of our Group, the reflection of the commitment of our employees, united by the sharing of common values that have been the bedrock of our identity since origin. Exemplarity, responsibility, trust, transparency, lucidity, courage and pugnacity … Being a Eiffage collaborator means living these values on a daily basis, in one’s decisions and achievements.

  • Exemplarity

    At Eiffage, exemplarity is the basis of respect for others. Through it, the Group's values become concrete. We do not ask others what we would not impose on ourselves. Whatever the circumstances, we act ethically, conscientiously and in strict compliance with the rules.

  • Responsibility

    At Eiffage, each at its own level represents and commits the group, each at its own level is responsible for the human and material resources for which it has been entrusted. Through empowerment, autonomy is preserved, decisions and initiatives are encouraged at the grassroots level.

  • Trust and confidence

    At Eiffage, all employees benefit from the trust and support of their superiors, who will also support them while facing difficulties. Actions are collective and are not built at the expense of others. Trust is a sign of recognition, it is the cement of cohesion and contributes to the development of each individual. Trust also governs Eiffage's relationship with its stakeholders and promotes a long-term partnership.

  • Transparency

    At Eiffage, the stakes are shared. Everyone knows what is expected of him and what he can expect from others. Trust requires transparency. The given information is reliable and exhaustive. It must be transmitted promptly. Concealment and falsification are not accepted. Everyone must bear the consequences of his actions. The error is admitted; only his repetition makes a mistake.

  • Lucidity

    Being an Eiffage employee means seeing and expressing things clearly and accurately... while being aware of your abilities but also of your limits. This allows the right assessment of risk and the mobilization of required resources. Lucidity provides the guarantee of achievable goals and commitments.

  • Courage and pugnacity

    Being an Eiffage employee is an enthusiastic commitment at the service of projects... with perseverance and pugnacity, but without stubbornness and having the strength to face and overcome difficulties. It is also knowing how to show managerial courage towards its employees.

Our history

The Herbosch-Kiere story started more than 100 years ago with the company run by Eugène Herbosch which built up a reputation in shipping and ship salvage. In 1975, Herbosch joined forces with the Kiere company which specialised in heavy demolition and dynamiting. Together they formed our current organisation: HERBOSCH-KIERE.

Our management

  • Benny De Sutter

    CEO Herbosch-Kiere
    Director Eiffage Benelux

  • Christophe Van Ophem

    CEO Eiffage Benelux

Our management UK

  • Humby Allister

    Allister Humby

    CEO Herbosch-Kiere Marine Contractors