Herbosch-Kiere (BE) and Hecker Bau (DE) sign contract to strengthen breakwaters at the Port of Klaipeda, Lithuania

A joint venture between Belgian hydraulic engineering company Herbosch-Kiere and German company Hecker Bau was awarded the definitive contract to repair and strengthen two breakwaters at the Port of Klaipéda in Lithuania at the beginning of September. The Port of Klaipéda has allocated more than 40 million euros to this project. The works will start in March 2021 and take approximately two years. It is the first contract in Lithuania for both companies.

The two breakwaters which have a combined length of more than 2 kilometres were constructed between 1834 and 1861 and are urgently in need of renovation.

The renovation works mainly involve the coordinated removal of the old rock bed followed by the installation of a new protection layer of rocks of various weights and formats. In total, a quantity of more than 400,000 tons of rock will be installed. Tetrapods weighing 25 tons and concrete cubes weighing up to 40 tons from existing parts of the breakwaters will be reused in the new design. In addition, a new steel combi-wall of sheet piles and tubular piles will also be installed and anchored underwater. The concrete top layer of the breakwaters will also be taken care of and associated dredging will be carried out.

Klaipéda Sea Port in Lithuania wants to invest no less than 352 million euros in port infrastructure and dredging activities between 2020 and 2023. The aim is to make the port safer and more competitive. The port also wants to be available to bigger vessels in the future.

Benny De Sutter, CEO of Herbosch-Kiere: “We are delighted to have been awarded the contract to repair the breakwaters at Klaipéda and that we can work with Hecker Bau on the project. It’s thanks to our Flemish expertise in hydraulic engineering and use of our own equipment and vessels that we have been awarded this contract.”

Christoph Wellendorf, CEO of Hecker Bau: “We are confident that we are the ideal partner for Herbosch-Kiere in view of our many successful activities in the maritime sector. Having our own fleet, trained personnel and experienced engineers are our main trump cards. Together with Herbosch-Kiere, we have expanded our activities to the Baltic region and we are looking forward to a constructive partnership.”


Picture: Breakwaters of Klaipeda