Brug Humbeek

Humbeek-Sas Bridge reopened

The Humbeek-Sas Bridge is once again open to traffic. The bridge suffered significant damage after a collision this summer, leading to a lengthy repair process.

On June 29, the lift bridge at Humbeek-Sas was severely damaged following a collision with an inland ship. After a repair period of four months, the bridge over the Brussels-Scheldt Sea Canal has now been reopened. Due to the severity of the damage, the bridge deck was detached from the rest of the bridge for on-site repairs. On Tuesday, October 26, the repaired bridge deck was repositioned. Since Tuesday, October 31, the bridge is accessible for all traffic once again. This comes as a relief to all local residents, as the faulty bridge had caused significant mobility issues in the village.

Flemish Minister of Mobility and Public Works Lydia Peeters: “I am incredibly pleased that the work has been completed, and we can reopen the lift bridge today. This will be a huge relief for the entire region. The Humbeek Bridge is a vital link for both road and maritime traffic.”