Berlare Paardeweide

Herbosch-Kiere carried out construction and set-up works in the Sigma area Paardeweide in Berlare and Wichelen. The area covers 85 hectares and is set up as wetland.

In order to protect the residential areas behind it against flooding, the existing ring dyke was strengthened and made higher. The earth used for this purpose was taken from Paardeweide itself. After a flood, it must be possible for the water to flow back into the Scheldt and for that reason, smart drainage structures were installed. These not only allow the water to flow back into the river but also ensure that the water level is the right height for the development of the wetland.

  • Project name

    Berlare Paardeweide flood control area
  • Location

    Berlare / Wichelen
  • Building period

    2013 - 2014
  • Total value

    +/- 2 M €