Westliche Adlergrund Wind Farm

The Westliche Adlergrund wind farm in the Baltic Sea is connected by means of HVAC cable systems, with the routes for these ending at a transformer station in Lubmin. The offshore cables are 90 km long and the onshore cables 3 km long.

Herbosch-Kiere used its crane vessel ALBATROS to prepare the area for the installation of the offshore cables. ALBATROS excavated 1 m of sand followed by 1.5 m of peaty soil to a depth of between 16 and 19 metres.

The peaty soil had to be excavated with great precision, otherwise the entire area could have become contaminated. In order to do that, the crane from the ALBATROS had to keep the grab closed underwater and not open it until it had reached the seabed. When the layer of peaty soil was dredged, ALBATROS also removed boulders from the area. After laying the cables, the area was covered with sand and the boulders were replaced with rocks of up to 10 tons.

  • Project name

    Westliche Adlergrund wind farm
  • Location

    Baltic Sea
  • Building period

  • Project name

    Bohlen & Doyen