Dyke height increasing in Rupelmonde

The Scheldt dyke in Rupelmonde was adjusted as part of the Sigma plan to protect the surrounding area against flooding.

Herbosch-Kiere increased the height of the dyke over a length of 382 m by building a sheet pile wall with cap. We also built a new watering structure so that at high tide, the water from the Scheldt can flow into the Vliet. Besides increasing the height of the dyke to 8.35 metres SGL, we constructed an asphalt towpath along the Scheldt.

Thanks to the construction of a new watering structure, water now flows back from the Scheldt. Just like it was in the past, part of the Vliet will be tidal again but in a more controlled manner. Good news for the unique tidal mill – the oldest of its kind still in operation in Europe – which can now work ‘normally’ again and is thus protected from falling into disrepair as a result of standing idle.

  • Project name

    Dyke height increasing in Rupelmonde
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    +/- 700k €