Erosion protection in Gdansk

Herbosch-Kiere installed erosion protection for the quay wall of a new DCT2 container terminal at the Port of Gdansk. The quay wall has a total length of 600 metres.

The decision was made to use large prefabricated asphalt mattresses measuring 10 m x 35 m with a thickness of 0.30 m. A total of 75 of these were designed along with 6 special mattresses. The mattresses were picked up using our specially designed matting frame and positioned on the seabed at the toe of the quay wall using the GAVERLAND and the AM 11320 crane.

  • Project name

    Erosion protection Gdansk
  • Location

    Gdansk, Poland
  • Building period

  • Total value

    +/- 2.5 M €
  • Project name