Europa Terminal

To continue playing at the top level of world ports, the Port of Antwerp must be able to provide additional container capacity and efficient infrastructure to its customers. That’s why Port of Antwerp-Bruges and PSA Antwerp are investing in the renovation of the Europa Terminal. The Europa Terminal was officially put into operation in 1990 as Antwerp’s first tidal container terminal. With this renovation, costing 335 million euros, Port of Antwerp-Bruges aims to strengthen its competitive position while taking steps towards building a sustainable port.

Working in three phases to keep the terminal operational

The draft of ships that can moor at the 1200-meter-long quay wall is increased from 13.5 meters to 16 meters. To allow ships to continue mooring during the extensive works and to minimize operational impact, we are approaching the quay wall in three major phases. Additionally, we are creating an additional temporary berth for inland navigation to ensure smooth service for our customers. The works are spread over approximately 9 years and have been carefully planned based on the expected traffic in the coming years.

Attention to climate and the environment

The renewal of the terminal also contributes to the transition to a climate-neutral port. Electrification and other optimizations will reduce CO2 emissions per container by 50%, and wind turbines will increase the share of renewable energy.

The new quay wall will have a new orientation to ensure sufficient distance between passing ships and the terminal and to protect the nearby Galgenschoor nature reserve. In the final phase, the works include the construction of an underwater dam to provide extra protection to the nature reserve and prevent subsidence. Throughout the entire project, all involved parties will work closely with the local community to implement possible measures to minimize disruption.

Vieuw a video of the works here.

  • Project name

    Construction of new quay walls to deepen the Europa Terminal.
  • Location

    Port of Antwerp-Bruges
  • Developer

    Havenbedrijf Antwerpen
  • Building period

    2022 - ...
  • Total value

  • Artes Roegiers - Artes Depret - Herbosch-Kiere - Boskalis Nederland