Harelbeke lock weir

As part of the Seine-Scheldt project, large-scale hydraulic engineering works were carried out in and around the Lys in Harelbeke for a long period of time. The existing lock and weir were replaced by contemporary variants and the quay walls were also upgraded.

The reconstruction of the Lys infrastructure in Harelbeke is one of the most important and most challenging links in the realisation of the Seine-Scheldt project. The area around the river was changed drastically by means of various structural interventions. For instance, the narrow existing lock structure was replaced with a new design 230 metres long, 12.5 metres wide and 4.7 metres deep. A double weir with turbines next to the lock generates electricity so that the structure can function in an energy-efficient way. In addition, the quay walls also underwent comprehensive renovations and more than a thousand IRS ground anchors were installed. In the meantime, a temporary lock and a temporary weir ensured that maritime traffic and water management were not impeded by the activities in and around the site zone.

Click here for the movie of the filling of the lock.

  • Project name

    Harelbeke lock weir
  • Location

  • Building period

  • Total value

    +/- 98 M €