Hose-tower & piperack Vopak

Herbosch-Kiere carried out heavy lifting works for the new jetty for Vopak at the Port of Antwerp. The new L-shaped jetty provides additional mooring facilities for the terminal where liquid chemicals brought by ship are stored.

The 28-metre-long pipe racks were finished complete with piping, tracing, insulation and cableways before they were transported to Vopak to be lifted into place. The hose tower – a skid weighing more than 400 tons – was also prefabricated at the same time as a single whole, fully equipped, fully mechanically and electrically tested and then installed on the jetty.

We used our pontoon WAASLAND and SAINCTELETTES side pontoons with AM 11320 in Derrick for this heavy lifting.

Click here to view the impressive movie of the hose tower installation.

Click here to view the movie of the installation of the piperack.

  • Project name

    Hose-tower Vopak
  • Location

    Port of Antwerp
  • Building period

    2019 - 2020
  • Project name

    Vopak Terminal Linkeroever