Jetty Vopak

At the Port of Antwerp, Herbosch-Kiere built a jetty for oil tankers for Vopak.

The new L-shaped jetty provides additional mooring facilities for the terminal which is a storage facility for liquid chemicals which are often brought by ship. Tankers up to 80,000 DWT can moor there so that the products they are carrying can be transferred to the tanks via a piping system on the offshore and onshore pipe rack.

Herbosch-Kiere was responsible for the construction of the entire jetty, from the driving in of the piles, all concreting of the access bridges and the platforms to the pipe racks that were installed on the access bridges. We were also responsible for the hydraulic engineering structures which included all fender walls, individual mooring masts and docking stations and the access bridges to these structures. The prefabricated concrete access bridges are approximately 14 metres long and weigh up to 80 tons each. These were lifted using our pontoon crane and taken to Vopak where they were installed on the transverse beams anchored by means of the foundation piles. We used the same method for the concrete platforms for which we produced prefabricated elements weighing up to 150 tons. The pipe rack modules, including the piping, are 28 metres long and the hose tower was also prefabricated as a single whole, fully equipped.

Click here to view the impressive movie of the hose tower installation.

And here for photographs showing the installation of the pipe rack..

  • Project name

    Jetty Vopak
  • Location

    Port of Antwerp
  • Building period

    2019 - 2020
  • Total value

    +/- 9 M €