Kårehamn Wind Farm

Kårehamn Wind Farm lies 7 km off the coast of Sweden in the Baltic Sea.

At this wind farm, there are 16 wind turbines installed at depths ranging from 8 to 21 metres. Herbosch-Kiere helped build the foundations for the wind turbines using crane vessel ALBATROS. The foundations are concrete structures which were made in Zeebrugge, towed to Sweden, placed on the flat foundations and then filled with ballast material by ALBATROS. The next job carried out by the ALBATROS was to protect the 16 wind turbines against erosion which was done by installing a 50-cm filter layer followed by a top layer of large rocks.

  • Project name

    Kårehamn Wind Farm foundations
  • Location

    Kårehamn Wind Farm, Sweden
  • Building period

    2012 - 2013
  • Total value

    +/- 2 M €
  • Project name

    Jan De Nul Group