Bergwijk bridge in Merelbeke

The 60-year-old Bergwijk bridge needed to be replaced and no longer met the requirements for the passage of modern ships. Franki Construct took care of the construction of the new bridge and in short, Herbosch-Kiere carried out all the works associated with the project. For instance, we removed the old soil protection and built approximately 500 linear metres of new quay wall. Herbosch-Kiere also demolished the old bridge which was quite a special task as the bridge had externally prestressed beams. The new Bergwijk bridge has three lanes for motor vehicles. Cyclists can cycle over the bridge in safety using a separate two-way cycle path which is 3.5 m wide. Pedestrians were also thought of and were provided with a footpath over the bridge. Improvements were also made to the infrastructure in the vicinity.

We installed 180 23-metre-long IRS ground anchors for the foundations of the new quay walls. We installed 29 20- and 24-metre-long IRS ground anchors for the abutments of the new Bergwijk bridge.

Click here to view impressive movie of the demolition process.

  • Project name

    Merelbeke Bergwijk bridge
  • Location

    Gent, Belgium
  • Building period

    2020 - 2021
  • Total value

    +/- 12 M €
  • Developer

    De Vlaamse Waterweg nv