Salvage of the Celandro

Herbosch-Kiere was responsible for salvaging the sunken inland vessel Celandro from the Rupel in Niel.

First of all, the loose cargo was removed from the vessel. Then cables were drawn underneath the vessel in order to tilt it 90┬░, then any openings were sealed and it was pumped out as much as possible. Once the cradle was empty and the vessel was floating, the rest of the cargo was removed and the vessel was towed away. The hull was still intact. The vessel was a 60 m x 6.6 m Kempenaar, with an unladen weight of 172 tons and a carrying capacity of 400 tons.

  • Project name

    Salvage Celandro
  • Location

    Niel, Belgium
  • Building period

  • Project name

    De Vlaamse Waterweg nv