Salvage of the Dovenby and Dynamo

The contract consisted of removing wrecks from two places in the Thames Estuary between Sea Reach 1 and 2 and The Sunk.

The Port of London Authority awarded Herbosch-Kiere the contract for the salvaging of the Dovenby, a 70-metre-long cargo ship with three masts that carried guano from Peru to Antwerp. The Dovenby sank in 1914 after colliding with a steamship in foggy conditions. The Dynamo was a 56-metre-long and 9-metre-wide steam coaster that was built in 1920 for Ellermand Wilson Line Ltd.  Herbosch-Kiere used the multifunctional vessel ATLANTIS and the pontoon GAVERLAND along with a special crane and cutting equipment for the salvaging operations.

  • Project name

    Salvage Dynamo and Dovenby
  • Location

    Thames, UK
  • Building period

  • Project name

    Port of London Authorit