Storm surge barrier Nieuwpoort

Today, the coastal ports are most at risk from flooding in the event of heavy storms. In order to protect Nieuwpoort and environs, Herbosch-Kiere and partner built a storm flood barrier at the mouth of the IJzer. After in-depth studies and an architectural design process, a horizontal sector gate with a clearance width of 38 metres was chosen.

The movable steel barrier is a construction that rotates around a horizontal axis. When parked, the barrier is sunk in a concrete sill at the bottom of the IJzer. The steel barrier rotates between two cast steel shafts which are anchored in concrete abutments connected to the banks of the IJzer. If a storm surge is forecast or for the purpose of a trial closure, the barrier is rotated 90 degrees into the retaining position. For maintenance purposes, the barrier can be rotated 180 degrees into the maintenance position. In the three positions – parking, retaining and maintenance – the storm surge barrier can be locked and unlocked by remote control.

Click here to watch the video of the operation of the storm surge barrier in Nieuwpoort.

  • Project name

    Storm surge barrier Nieuwpoort
  • Location

  • Building period

    2019 - ...
  • Total value

    +/- 41 M €