Dismantling and removal of the Royal Sovereign Lighthouse: part 1

On Sunday, October 1, our team and partners managed to successfully complete the first part of the removal of the Royal Sovereign Lighthouse: the removal of the accommodation unit. A task not to be underestimated.

The Royal Sovereign Lighthouse is a light platform with a lighthouse located approximately 9 km southeast of the English coastal town of Eastbourne. The platform is situated on a sandbank from which it takes its name and used to warn navigation about this hazardous shallow area.

In June 2019, Trinity House announced that the lighthouse would be decommissioned due to the deteriorating structural condition of the platform. In March 2022, the lighthouse was permanently taken out of service.

Herbosch-Kiere will be collaborating with Trinity House on the project over the next two years. The project is planned to be executed in several phases during the next two years. Last Sunday, October 1, with the assistance of the lifting vessel Gulliver from Scaldis (a lifting vessel with a capacity of 4000 tons and accommodation for 78 people), the first part of the lighthouse was dismantled: the accommodation unit. The lantern tower was also entirely removed from the platform and brought ashore. Meanwhile, Trinity House is exploring options to preserve the tower within the local community’s interest.

The project teams of Herbosch-Kiere Marine Contractors Ltd are operating from inland vessels offshore and from the terminals of Shoreham Port. When parts of the lighthouse are dismantled, they are placed on inland vessels and towed to the port for disassembly and recycling.