Halle Zuidbrug

New South bridge in Halle transported to final resting place

An important milestone was reached for the new South bridge in Halle today when the arch bridge was transported on pontoons from the assembly site and expertly set in its final resting place. As the main contractor, Herbosch-Kiere is currently carrying out an extensive project in Halle, consisting of the renovation of the Zenne bridge and the construction of the South bridge and the Klara bridge. The works formed part of the Hallemaal Bridges project which aims to improve both the quality of life and mobility in and around the city, as well as the accessibility of the Brussels-Charleroi canal in the long term.

The South bridge is a new bridge in Halle across the Canal to Charleroi and the railway lines that will connect Bevrijdingsplein and the Sint-Rochus district and the station area. At René De Boecklaan, it will connect to the new Zenne bridge and lead to Vogelpers. The project is therefore quite a challenge from a technical point of view.

The South bridge will provide not only a new link for motor vehicles but also generous facilities for pedestrians and cyclists. There will be a separate mixed path for cyclists and pedestrians 2.5 metres wide on both sides of the road and points where you can join the towpaths will be provided on both banks of the canal. From the assembly site to its final resting place.

Over the past few months, main contractor Herbosch-Kiere has carried out extensive preparations. The arch bridge was prepared in various workshops and transported in sections to an assembly site between the canal and the railway. Because of its size, the bridge was too big to transport any distance once assembled. At the assembly site, the various sections were put together and painted. During that preassembly stage, abutments were also constructed on both banks of the canal for the bridge to sit on.

Today, the assembled arch bridge was transported from the assembly site to its final resting place where it was expertly set in position. Yesterday, the new bridge was jacked up at the assembly site and transferred to two pontoons. Today, the process of moving the bridge to its final resting place on the pontoons and with the use of winches started at dawn.

Over the coming months, the concrete bridge deck will be constructed and the bridge and abutments will be finished in stages (installation of the bridge deck joints, railings, lighting, road construction, steps, etc.). As soon as the site area on the right bank is clear, it will be raised to the height of the completed road and construction of the bridge over the railway lines and the retaining walls along the track will start. As long as there are no hold-ups, we expect the South bridge to be completed and ready for use in the spring of 2023.

Characteristics of the South bridge

  • The arch bridge is 113 metres long;
  • The minimum useful width of the arch bridge is 15 metres;
  • The arches are 13.80 metres high;
  • A total of 40 suspension rods will be installed between the arches and the lateral main beams;
  • The steel frame of the arch bridge weighs 837 tons;
  • There will be two 2.50-metre-wide shared paths for cyclists and pedestrians and two 3.20-metre-wide traffic lanes on the bridge.

De Vlaamse Waterweg nv called on contractors Herbosch-Kiere, Viabuild and Franki Construct to carry out the works. The estimated total cost of the South bridge is just over 16 million euros.