Blankenberge quay walls

At the same time as all the works to protect the city from severe storm tides were going on, new quay walls were built in Blankenberge. The existing slopes were outdated and were preventing the marina from being deepened. If dredging had been carried out, the quay walls would have collapsed.

Herbosch-Kiere demolished the old quay walls and built new quay walls with steel sheet piling and a capping beam made from reinforced concrete. In order to ensure that the sheet pile walls were sufficiently stable, a second sheet pile wall was required. We also built a storm wall and mobile defences including foundations and guides. We laid paving and installed street furniture and railings along the harbour.

  • Project name

    Blankenberge quay walls
  • Location

  • Building period

    2020 - 2021
  • Total value

    +/- 5.5 M €