Hamme Bunt

Herbosch-Kiere is building two locks at the De Bunt nature reserve in Hamme. This heralds a new phase of the project to transform the area into a controlled flood zone with reduced tides. De Bunt will collect river water, thus better protecting the Scheldt and Durme valleys from flooding. At the same time, a unique freshwater tidal habitat will develop so that the area will act as a climate buffer.

The first phase of the works has been completed for a while: a ring dyke was built around the nature reserve to protect the surrounding areas from flooding when De Bunt becomes a flood zone. In this phase, two locks are being built: a drainage lock in the Scheldt dyke and an in and out lock in the Durme dyke. Water flows into the in and out lock twice a day according to the tide on the river. Bog and salt marshes with reeds and willow flood forests will develop at De Bunt.

Click here for the timelapse of some of the works.

  • Project name

    Hamme Bunt
  • Location

  • Building period

  • Total value

    +/- 4.5 M €