We built a controlled flood area in order to provide Sint-Michiels (Bruges) with better protection against flooding. A large part of the area to the south-west of Bruges drains via the Kerkebeek brook which mainly runs through pipes. When it rains heavily, the Kerkebeek brook discharges large volumes of water and flooding can occur along it.

Herbosch-Kiere built a ring dyke 1 m high within which the water can be collected temporarily. A number of (raised) areas were also excavated to enable even more water to be buffered. The CFA covers 24 ha and can hold around 150,000 m³ of water. A controllable inlet valve comes into operation when flooding is imminent and determines when the buffer basin will begin to fill up.

  • Project name

    GOG Kerkebeek
  • Area of expertise

    Flood control & banks - Dikes
  • Building period

  • Total value

    +/- 1.5 M €