Removal of asbestos cement turnings

In Kapelle-op-den-Bos, asbestos waste from a nearby factory was used for paving driveways and paths in residential areas for years. The plots with the highest risk where the asbestos had risen to the surface as a result of wear and tear were the first to be treated.

During these three projects, Herbosch-Kiere together with Romarco remediated a total of 700 plots and removed approximately 75,000 tons of asbestos cement turnings. The sites were restored to their original state after the works.

Each plot that was remediated was cordoned off with a tape and moistened with spray in order to prevent dust containing asbestos from blowing around. The contaminated soil was removed in each case. In crawl spaces, the asbestos cement turnings were covered with a layer of concrete. Employees had to wear a protective suit and mask at all times.

  • Project name

    Removal of asbestos cement turnings for OVAM
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  • Total value

    +/- 7.5 M €