Repair of Berendrecht Lock

At the end of 2019, the Berendrecht lock at the Port of Antwerp was damaged when a vessel hit the lock wall as it was exiting the lock. The collision caused severe cracks to appear in the lock wall as a result of which water leaked into the lock chamber. Antwerp Port Authority called on the expertise of Herbosch-Kiere to restore the lock. Because it was important for the work to be carried out in dry conditions, Herbosch-Kiere installed a dewatering pit 20 m long and 5 m high against the quay wall to create a dry work zone along the waterside.

To enable the damaged lock wall to be removed, the wall was cut into several pieces by Stenabo. The pieces and the components, the heaviest of which weighed up to 34 tons, were lifted using a 280-ton crane, placed on a pontoon and taken away by boat.

The next step was to construct a new lock wall. The wall is 13 m long, more than 7 m high and the thickness ranges from 1.2 m to 1.9 m. Besides replacing and finishing the lock wall, Herbosch-Kiere also provided fenders for the wall.

  • Project name

    Repair of Berendrecht Lock
  • Location

    Port of Antwerp
  • Building period

  • Total value

    +/- 2 M €